Outdoor Fitness Graduate Certificate Program

Develop Your Outdoor Fitness Skill-set: Develop, design, deliver and grow your Outdoor Fitness business



In this self-paced program you will learn how to create, structure, package and deliver your own Outdoor Fitness sessions for personal training and group fitness classes. You will learn the benefits of Outdoor Fitness training, program design, program implementation and progression, proper technique in form and function, outdoor adaptations, teaching methods and cueing, outdoor safety, and how to use any environment for training sessions. This course incorporates multi-media training with practical skill development.

Tuition fee includes the Outdoor Fitness Professional Manual - a 167-page text containing Outdoor Fitness theory, program design, exercises & modifications, workouts and session formats, coaching and leadership edification, legal and liability forms, and location set-up information. Overall, you will acquire the skills necessary to set up and deliver the highest quality Outdoor Fitness training sessions available for your clientele.


Learning Objectives

Through this course you will acquire the “Outdoor Fitness Skill-set.”  You will learn:

  1. Key concepts, philosophy and principles of Outdoor Fitness
  2. Proven benefits of Outdoor Fitness (vs. indoor fitness)
  3. How to turn any outdoor environment into the gym with little or no set-up costs
  4. Where you can hold your Outdoor Fitness sessions
  5. How to scout the terrain and adapt to weather conditions
  6. The three “types” of workout locations
  7. Outdoor Fitness workout formats, exercises and modifications
  8. How to design and deliver safe workouts for individuals, small and large groups—of varying skill levels
  9. How to safely integrate with the environment physically, mentally and emotionally - for dynamic sessions!
  10.  How to communicate and cue effectively in the outdoors
  11.  How to secure your Outdoor Fitness locations.
  12.  How to acquire appropriate liability insurance
  13.  Which release forms you need, along with the necessary language needed within the forms—our sample forms are included!
  14.  How to earn a great living teaching  & coaching Outdoor Fitness
  15.  How to motivate your clients toward achieving results
  16.  How to gain and retain clients for years to come
  17.  How to set your program apart!
  18.  How to make each session unique and special – the ingredients that keep your clients coming back and wanting more!

Bottom line: You will learn how to create an experience for you and your clients!

Course Procedure

1. Enroll in the course.

2. View the course content and layout.

3. Download the Outdoor Fitness Professional Manual.

4. Begin with Chapter 1 - Watch the video/read assigned text

5. Take the Quiz's after each chapter (You must score 75% to pass. If you did not pass, you may retake the quiz.)

6. After each step, click "Go to Next" until you have passed.

7. Print your Outdoor Fitness Graduate Certificate for the entire curriculum.

Course Content

The Outdoor Fitness Professional ManualArticle(Required)
Chapter 1 Introduction to Outdoor FitnessVideo(Required)
Quiz: Chapter 1Test(Required)
Chapter 2 Tap into the Power of Outdoor FitnessVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 2 Test(Required)
Chapter 3 The Outdoor DifferenceVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 3 Test(Required)
Chapter 4 How to Recalibrate the Brain with Outdoor FitnessVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 4Test(Required)
Chapter 5 Create the ProgramVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 5 Test(Required)
Chapter 6 Gain & Retain ClientsVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 6Test(Required)
Chapter 7 Strategies for Outdoor SafetyVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 7 Test(Required)
Chapter 8 Outdoor Fitness for Every EnvironmentVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 8 Test(Required)
Chapter 9 Outdoor Injury PreventionVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 9Test(Required)
Chapter 10 The Business of Outdoor FitnessVideo(Required)
Quiz Chapter 10 Test(Required)
Exercises 1 - Bodyweight & GravityVideo(Required)
Contact US!Article(Required)